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We wanted dependable properly designed skylights. So, we designed the right ones for geodesic dome homes.

Our skylights are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes. Each one is custom built at our glass plant at Natural Spaces Domes for the view you want from your dome.

Our Standard Skylight Specifications:
3/16" clear tempered glass, all panes (on a triple pane unit, all three panes are tempered). On larger units 1/4" tempered glass is used.  Prices shown are for double pane, tempered, clear glass.  3/4" insulated air space between each pane.

Select Structural Southern Pine 2x4 frame serves as structural frame.  Our skylights do not require any additional structural framing.  The wood frame is covered on the outside by aluminum flashing with a special dark brown enamelized paint (options available).  The flashing extends 5 1/2" from the edge of the frame.

Exterior joint between frame and glass is covered by custom aluminum "Top Cap" which is anodized bronze.  The "Top Cap" is attached to frame with stainless steel screws and washers with EDPM gaskets.  "Top Cap" is sealed along edges with butyl tape seal.

Skylights come assembled with flashing and top cap attached, ready for installation.  Zinc plated lag screws and washers are provided (for mounting from the inside).

There is a 10 year guarantee against moisture between the panes on all units installed at less than 15° slope from vertical.  There is a 5 year guarantee against moisture between the panes on all units installed at more than 15° slope from vertical.

And, we also sell Velux operating skylights for egress.


Hugh and Theresa Mayhew
5209 E. Oregon Road
Elk, WA 99009